Agriculture Lrrigation Pipe System

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Agriculture Lrrigation Pipe System

Agricultural Irrigation Pipe

Polyethylene pipes are widely used in agricultural applications in irrigation, drainage and water supply. When comparing piping materials, installation costs and performance, PE piping outperforms other traditional piping.

Agricultural Irrigation Pipe has many benefits as it allows drainage in gardens, retaining walls and other places that can be a problem. Choosing to lay PE agricultural pipes will greatly aid in the drainage and health of your garden.

Due to its unique properties, polyethylene is the best proven piping system for irrigation and drainage applications. Flexibility and bend radii as low as 20OD reduce the need for fittings and reduce piping area. PE piping system is corrosion resistant and can withstand salt water and corrosive conditions.

Features of Agricultural Irrigation Pipe:

●Anti-ultraviolet, effectively prevent the growth of moss, long service life.

●Convenient transportation. Easy installation and complete accessories.

Eco-friendly material, easy to recycle.

Application of Agricultural Irrigation Pipe:

PE agricultural irrigation pipe can be used with potted arrows; combined with external prongs, it is suitable for crops with unequal spacing. Such as trees; widely used in micro-irrigation projects, farmland water transportation, aquaculture, building water supply.