HDPE Pipe for Drawing Out Methane

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HDPE Pipe for Drawing Out Methane

HDPE pipes are used worldwide for water supply mains, gas mains, sewer mains, mud pipelines, rural irrigation, fire protection system supply lines, electrical and communication pipelines, rainwater and drainage pipes and other applications.

How do you extract methane?

Methane can be extracted by drilling holes in coal seams. The goal is to reduce the water pressure by pumping water from the well. The decrease in pressure allows methane to desorb from the coal and flow upward as a gas to the surface. The methane is then compressed and delivered to the market through our HDPE Pipe for Drawing Out Methane.

Coalbed methane is naturally produced in the geological process of converting plant material into coal. To extract methane, CBM operators drill holes in the coal seam and pump out groundwater (produced water or CBM wastewater).

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