HDPE Siphon Drainage Pipe

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  • HDPE Siphon Drainage Pipe

  • HDPE Siphon Drainage Pipe

  • HDPE Siphon Drainage Pipe

  • HDPE Siphon Drainage Pipe

HDPE Siphon Drainage Pipe

Siphon drainage system is a new technology which is developing rapidly in Europe, America, South America, Asia and Africa. It is a more scientific, more advanced technology, can be used in factories, workshops, warehouses, public buildings and other large-scale construction. Compared with the traditional gravity flow drainage system, the internal drainage system has obvious advantages.


HDPE pipe is a kind of flexible plastic pipe used for fluid and gas transportation. Hdpe drainage pipe is often used to replace aging concrete or steel pipe pipes. Made of thermoplastic HDPE, its high level of impermeability and strong molecular bonds, suitable for high-pressure pipelines.

hdpe drainage pipe


RTF Pipe Products Co., Ltd sells various PE drainage pipe and fittings for plumbing and drainage applications, called plumbing systems. These are non-pressure pipes and are suitable for drainage and wastewater in industrial or construction applications. Drainage pipes can be pressure pipes or non-pressure pipes, depending on the application. The outside of the drain is pure black, thin compared to the pressure tube because the inside is less stressful.

What is a RTF Pipe Products Co. is, Ltd, DRAINAGE PIPE?

The HDPE drainage may also be known as a polyethylene flood pipe, which is a large diameter pipe for rainwater or large-capacity drainage applications.RTF Pipe Products Co., The Ltd, drainage comes with a variety of polydrain fittings and can be welded with drain electric melt fittings.EF drain pipe parts are different from the pressure pipe electric melt pipe parts, using a special low-pressure EF welding machine welding, known as electric melt drainage welding machine.The pipes and fittings withstand shocks, drops, impacts or short-term pressure without breakage or permanent deformation

System advantages

Siphonic drainage systems have advantages over traditional gravity drainage systems:

1 The pipe has no slope.

2. Use less material.

3. The construction cost is greatly reduced.

4. Reduce pipe diameter requirements.

5. Save the installation space.

6. The pipe has self-cleaning function.

7. Design and installation are simple and quick.

8. widely used in all kinds of buildings.

HDPE Siphon Drainage Pipe

HDPE Drainage Pipe Features:

1. UV resistant, aging resistant, life as long as 50 years.

2. The inner wall is smooth and the friction resistance is small.

3. The pressure loss is about 30% less than the steel pipe, so you can choose the smaller diameter HDPE pipe.

4. good hygiene performance. There are no additives and no water pollution. ISO standard grading polyethylene material grade 0 (lowest), mildew free. Compared with other commonly used plastic materials, PE has strong mildew resistance and can be used for a long time without pollution.

5. PE pipe can be welded into an integral system.

HDPE Drainage Pipe Application:

The siphon drainage system is mainly composed of rainwater bucket, fastening system, HDPE pipe and corresponding design software. Widely used in all kinds of buildings.


Straight Series
Nominal PressureS16S25
DN(mm)Tolerance(mm)Wall Thickness(mm)PN(Mpa)Wall Thickness(mm)PN(Mpa)
Coil Series
Nominal DiameterS16Length:M/Roll
DN(mm)Tolerance(mm)Wall Thickness(mm)PN(Mpa)

HDPE Drainage Pipe Properties
Longitudinal Reversion, %, (110℃)≤3 No delamination, cracking and blistering
MFR(5kg, 190℃)/(g/10min)0.2≤MFR≤1.1The MFR difference between the raw material particles should not exceed 0.2
Oxidation induction time(200℃/min)≥20
Hydrostatic strength tes(80℃, 165h, 4.6Mpa)No broken, no leakage
Ring stiffness(KN/m³)Only for the pipes with a "BD"representsSR≥4
Combustion toxicity index≤1

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