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5 Features of MPP Cable Protective Pipe

Apr. 07, 2022

5 Features of MPP Cable Protection Pipe

MPP cable protection pipe is a kind of pipe used for power cable protection, which is extruded from modified polypropylene. It is divided into excavation type and non-excavation type. Easy transportation, simple welding process and convenient construction can save a lot of engineering time and engineering cost. Therefore, for a wide range of applications, MPP cable protection pipe has the following characteristics.

5 Features of MPP Cable Protective Pipe

MPP Cables Protective Pipe

1. Good temperature resistance, higher temperature resistance than traditional PVC pipe, Vicat softening point above 120℃, can be used between -5℃~70℃ for a long time.

2. Good toughness, resistance to geological settlement, effectively reduce the damage of geological disasters on the pipeline cable facilities.

3. Can be connected by hot melt method, high connection strength, can be used for non-excavation construction, reduce construction costs and improve construction efficiency.

4. Good electrical insulation, can be used for power cable ducts and pipes above 10KV.

5. Smooth inner wall, low friction resistance.

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5 Features of MPP Cable Protective Pipe