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Application Areas Of HDPE Corrugated Pipe

Aug. 18, 2022

As a HDPE Pipe Factory, we continue to share the knowledge of HDPE Corrugated Pipe.


Today, life as we know it would not be possible without the advantages and countless uses of plastics and their derivatives, especially high-density polyethylene or HDPE for its important applications ranging from the agricultural to the construction industry, which we will see later.


High-density polyethylene is a polymer that is obtained from ethylene, the most widely used organic compound in the world. Most of the ethylene produced worldwide is obtained by the breakdown of natural gas.

Application Areas Of HDPE Corrugated Pipe


Application Areas Of HDPE Corrugated Pipe

1. Municipal engineering, used for underground drainage pipes, sewage pipes, water pipes, ventilation pipes, etc. of buildings;

2. Electrical and telecommunications engineering, as a protection tube for power cables, optical cables, and communication signal cables;

3. Industry, due to the excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance of polyethylene materials, structural wall tubes can be used for water supply and drainage pipes in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, and other industries;

4. Agriculture and garden engineering, used for irrigation and drainage in farmland, orchard, tea garden, and forest belt, can save water by 70%, save electricity by 13.9%, and can also be used for rural irrigation;

5. Road works can be used as seepage and drainage pipes for railways, highways, golf courses, football fields, etc.;

6. Mine HDPE Corrugated Pipe is used as ventilation, air supply pipe and drain pipe for mines.

Application Areas Of HDPE Corrugated Pipe


Why are Corrugated HDPE Pipes so popular?

HDPE Pipes have been growing in popularity for the last couple of years, derived from it´s advantages versus other materials such as Corrugated Metal, Concrete and PVC.


Our Corrugated HDPE Pipe has a unique structural design with double arc corrugations that allow the load to be evenly distributed, this means that it can withstand high loads without fracturing, having the ability to return to its original shape without failures in structure compared with other materials like PVC, Polypropelene, etc that tends to fracture more easily.


Unlike rigid pipes such as concrete, corrugated HDPE pipe is flexible and has a high resistant to impact avoiding failure or damage to its structure and functionality.


HDPE Corrugated pipe is recognized in the market for its easy handling, length, and performance, representing great savings in logistics and installation costs. Due to its maneuverability, it requires smaller capacity machinery and is up to 2.5 times longer than other materials, it also has the functionality of being stowed when stored.

We manufacture all our pipes with 100% virgin resin, allowing superior resistance to corrosion, and internal and external abrasion. All our TDR products guarantee quality, service efficiency and a 100 year service life.


In summary

HDPE Corrugated pipe benefits our day to day in countless ways and exclusive design makes it superior to any of its competitors due to its multiple advantages, which allows us to guarantee its functionality and efficiency for any of its applications.