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Chinese HDPE Pipe Market Has Great Potential for Development

May. 21, 2022

What is HDPE pipe

HDPE pipes are pipes made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). They are sometimes referred to as thermoplastic pipes. HDPE pipes are flexible plastic pipes used in various applications such as rural irrigation, gas mains, water pipes, slurry lines, drainage system pipes, electrical and communication system pipes, etc.

HDPE pipe consists of a thermoplastic polymer HDPE with a high level of water resistance. It has strong molecular bonds suitable for high pressure pipelines.

HDPE pipe is often used in gas pipelines due to its low weight and high corrosion resistance. HDPE pipe is also a highly durable and cost effective material. HDPE pipe is flexible and durable and can be bent 25 times to normal pipe diameter. 

Chinese HDPE Pipe Market Has Great Potential for Development



HDPE pipe has considerable potential for growth in the Chinese market

The main materials used for plastic pipes are PVC, PE and PP, etc. Among them, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes have the advantages of low density, good toughness, low friction coefficient, corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, good insulation performance, easy construction and installation, etc. The current market has great potential for development.


HDPE pipes are expected to have considerable potential for future development in the Chinese market due to their better cost performance than other plastic pipes. The main market areas with development potential are estimated as follows.


1. Gas pipe

The current demand for HDPE pipes in mainland China is only about 70,000 tons per year, accounting for only 14% of the gas pipe market, much lower than 90% in the US and 60%-70% in Europe. Moreover, the HDPE used in gas pipes is basically imported. It is expected that in the future, with the improvement of gas pipe application technology and people's awareness of the advantages of HDPE gas pipe, the market potential of HDPE gas pipe is great.


2、Indoor and outdoor water supply pipes

At present, more and more HDPE pipes are used in water supply and desalination projects in cities and towns in mainland China.


3. Sandwich pipe

HDPE coated pipe has the advantages of heat preservation, long service life, anti-corrosion, convenient construction, energy saving and consumption reduction, etc. It is widely used in the fields of heating, cooling and anti-corrosion.


4. Sewage pipe

Although the use of PE buried drainage pipes and sewage pipes in mainland China has just started, this field has great market potential as the country attaches importance to environmental protection. At present, about 80,000 metric tons of HDPE pipes are consumed in this field.


HDPE pipes: international market dynamics

HDPE pipes are also used to supply drinking water. In countries around the world, water scarcity is affecting local economies and community living standards. Governments are launching initiatives to improve their wastewater infrastructure and drinking water systems, which will surely drive the growth of HDPE pipes in the coming years.

HDPE pipes market is bound to grow due to the continuous demand for water infrastructure in all developing regions. Developing countries are actively developing their wastewater systems and hence the demand for HDPE pipes has increased. HDPE pipes offer various advantages such as light weight, long life, flexibility, corrosion resistance, and leak-free coverage. Moreover, the development of wastewater removal infrastructure is expected to decisively influence the growth of HDPE pipes market.

In the oil & gas industry, companies are trying to adopt HDPE pipes as an alternative to steel pipes. The main reason for adopting HDPE pipes in such applications is its lower cost as compared to steel pipes. other advantages of HDPE pipes include chemical resistance, high tensile strength, and ease of handling. Expanded utilization of HDPE pipes in the oil & gas industry is expected to drive the HDPE pipes market in the coming years.

HDPE Pipes : Market Segmentation

By product type

● PE80

● PE63

● PE100RC

● PE100

● Others

By Application type

● Agriculture & Irrigation

● Sewage System

● Water Supply

● Oil & Gas

● Others

COVID-19 Impact on HDPE Pipes

Since the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the world from start of the year 2020, the disease has spread about every country around the world. The HDPE Pipes industry has been impacted severely by the ongoing pandemic (Covid-19) crisis.

The impact of COVID-19 include shortage of subcontractors and materials, supply chain disruptions, and the termination of contracts to control expenses. The HDPE Pipes market has experienced negative growth during the pandemic time, however it is expected to gain traction within short span of time with resumption of the economic activites.


HDPE Pipelines: Regional Outlook

On the basis of region, the global HDPE pipeline market is segmented into Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Europe, North America and South America. North America is an important market for HDPE pipes.

The Asia-Pacific market also holds a significant market share in the HDPE pipeline market due to high demand from irrigation and water & wastewater industries.

Various fast-growing economies in the region have developed industrial and agricultural activities as well as oil and gas exploration activities. The expected demand for HDPE pipes in Asia Pacific is expected to be driven by countries such as India and Southeast Asian countries.

The European market offers huge opportunities for HDPE pipes given the continuous renovation of old water and irrigation infrastructure in the region.

Chinese HDPE Pipe Market Has Great Potential for Development