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How to Identify the Quality of HDPE Trenchless Pipe?

Oct. 11, 2021

When buying HDPE trenchless pipes, quality is the first priority. Some people say that the color of PE pipes can distinguish the quality of the pipe. In fact, regarding the color of PE pipes, some people say that red is good, some people say that white is good, and some people say black is authentic. In fact, the color has nothing to do with the quality of the PE pipe.

The color problem of HDPE trenchless pipe

Generally black, other colors can be negotiated between the supplier and the buyer. Regardless of whether it is black, white or red, the tubes of different colors are the result of adding different color masterbatches, which has nothing to do with the quality. The purpose is to prevent bacteria from growing in the tubes due to light transmission.

HDPE Trenchless Pipe

HDPE Trenchless Pipe

Sometimes in order to meet market demand, it is also a common practice to change the color to orange, red and other personalized colors to highlight individuality and increase selling points.

The quality of HDPE trenchless pipe mainly depends on the wall thickness?

In fact, the quality of pipes involves many aspects, and wall thickness is only one of them. The temperature and pressure resistance of the pipe depends partly on the purity of the raw material, and partly on the adaptability of the wall thickness to the temperature and pressure. It is not that the thicker the better, because the thicker the pipe, the smaller the runoff. The most important thing is It is also the uniformity of the wall thickness. If the pipe production does not have sufficient online control measures, it is difficult to ensure uniform thickness.

In use, if there is a problem with the PE pipe, the impact will be very serious. Often bursts or blockages of pipelines will cause tens, hundreds of times, or even immeasurable consequences to the price of the water pipe itself.

How to distinguish the quality of HDPE trenchless pipe?

It is difficult to see the quality of HDPE Trenchless Pipe in appearance. The general method is to look at the color, brightness, and smoothness of the inner wall. The really reliable method is to test the pressure. New material pipes can withstand 1.5 times the pressure; it is also important to choose a PE pipe manufacturer with reliable quality and good reputation; because they will choose a high-quality PE pipe production line, so that the quality of the product can be guaranteed to be authentic.