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How to remove humidity on PE tube

Nov. 02, 2021

How to remove humidity on PE tube?

How to remove humidity on PE tube

Humidity can affect the effect of the material used in PE pipe production, so the material is usually dried before use, which can reduce some of the factors affecting its use in pipe production. So, how to remove the humidity on the PE tube?

Now the USE of PE pipe is not easy to absorb moisture, just factory material water content is only a few tens of millions. But in the long distance transportation and storage process, the material surface easily absorb some moisture, black material will be more serious. The inner surface of PE pipe will find water layer or even dripping water. Therefore, it is very important to analyze the trace moisture of the material after entering the factory, not only to check the quality of the material, but also to determine the drying process.

Korean and Korean materials that are transported in a short distance can be used directly without drying if the water content is low. But when PE pipe uses black material or different batch number of materials, need to dry before use, in order to avoid the fluctuation of extrusion amount and load caused by the fluctuation of pipe wall thickness. Therefore, there are two kinds of drying equipment for materials, namely, hot air dryer and dehumidification dryer. The principle of hot air dryer is to blow away moisture in materials with hot air. The temperature range is 80~100 degrees Celsius, and the drying time is mostly 40~60min.

The hot air dryer is an open system that can only remove moisture from the surface of the PE tube. The principle of dryer dehumidification is to replace the water in hot air with molecular sieve, and then blow away the water in the material with dry air. In this way, the moisture in the material can be reduced to below 0.1%, the drying temperature is commonly 80 to 100 degrees Celsius, the drying time is usually 2 ~ 3 h, stable performance of the dryer can dry reduced to - 30 degrees Celsius below the dew point of the wind, if more than 0.08% moisture content of PE pipe, requires the use of hot air drying machine to dry.

The above is the method of removing humidity on the PE tube. The product needs to be extruded during manufacturing. If the moisture content of the material, that is, the humidity is relatively high, its extrusion operation will also appear, so it has a drying operation before use, which is also a good way to remove the humidity of the product.