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Knowledge of PE pipe erosion

Nov. 08, 2021

Knowledge of PE pipe erosion

Knowledge of PE pipe erosion

PE tube is widely used in our life, has played a certain role in the role, in order to better use and maintenance of this product, it is necessary for everyone to understand the knowledge of PE tube erosion.

1. Chemical erosion: chemical erosion of PE tube is caused by direct attack of pure chemical effect between metal appearance and non-electrolyte. In other words, the ablation process of metal ions caused by direct contact between metal and medium takes place on the metal surface on average, and the ablation speed is relatively slow. This is the case when steel corrodes in air or soil.

2. electrochemical erosion: the electrochemical corrosion of the metal surface and the damage caused by the electrochemical effect of PE tube ion conductive medium that is to say, the metal electrolysis process occurs in the galvanic cell composed of metal and electrolyte. Everywhere, the corrosion response according to the electrochemical mechanism consists of at least one anode response and one cathode response connected by an electron flow through the metal and an ion flow in the medium.

3. Bacterial erosion: The mechanism of bacterial erosion of steel is complex, but in some soils, the following three types of bacteria participate in the erosion process: sulfate reducing bacteria, sulfur oxidizing bacteria and iron bacteria.

PE pipe is a polyethylene plastic pipe product, its high performance and matching price is the reason that many people have been choosing this pipe. It has good flexibility and solderability, which makes laying more convenient, economical and reliable. PE pipe laying is simple and fast, low damage cost and maintenance cost. As long as the joint is good, it can withstand the axial load without leakage. Thus, laying does not require anchor points and piers at joints and bends, reducing costs. Polyethylene (Pe) material because of its high strength, corrosion resistance, non-toxic characteristics and is widely used in water supply pipe manufacturing field, it will not rust, is an ideal pipe instead of ordinary iron water supply pipe.


      At the same time, due to the PE pipe light weight, good toughness, high impact strength, non-toxic, cheap price, good low temperature resistance, is currently municipal construction, real estate, factories. PE pipe fittings are ecological and environmental friendly. No toxic additives are added in the production process. The inner wall of the pipe is smooth, without scaling and bacteria, and the production, connection and construction technology are mature. According to its physical and mechanical properties, the use of hot melt connection or flange support connection, high toughness, reliable connection, convenient construction, high protection coefficient, low leakage rate of pipe network.