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MPP power pipe polishing

Jan. 05, 2022

MPP power pipe polishing

MPP power pipe polishing

MPP power tube is a kind of cable protection tube, with the characteristics of high temperature resistance, external pressure resistance, suitable for 10KV medium and low voltage transmission line cable row pipe. This protective tube shall be polished:

      We see the MPP power pipe is orange, bright color, smooth inner and outer wall, in the cable threading process will not cause wear, resistance is also small, reduce the amount of construction. The bright color and luster of the pipe is due to polishing during production. In actual production, we mainly use the following three polishing methods:

1, machine polishing: MPP power protection tube after processing of the whole machine leveling, high brightness.

2, chemical polishing: less investment in processing equipment, complex pieces can be thrown, fast speed, high efficiency, good corrosion resistance.

3, electrochemical polishing: mirror light adhere to long, stable process, less purification, low cost, good corrosion resistance of pipe fittings.

     The polishing operation of MPP power tube is carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations, and the appropriate polishing method should be selected according to the actual situation at ordinary times.