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PE Pipe technology understanding

Aug. 16, 2021

        PE Pipe  everyone should be familiar with it, it is widely used in our life. With the improvement of people's living standard, people's requirements for products are also improving rapidly, so its technology is becoming more and more mature. Next, I will introduce the flip molding technology of PE tube. Let's have a look at it.

Aiming at some problems existing at present and combining with numerical simulation technology, the turning and forming of the product was studied in the factory. Firstly, on the basis of consulting a large number of technical data, the basic theory of turning forming, the characteristics of common tube turning die and the instability mode of PE tube turning forming are discussed, and the two common instability modes of axial compression instability and tube end tearing instability are simply analyzed.

       Secondly, the pipe turning forming process of common pipe turning dies such as cone die, rounded die and groove die is studied theoretically, the deformation process of various pipe turning dies and the influence of the main parameters on the forming process are analyzed, and some influence laws of various parameters on the forming process are obtained.

       On the basis of the above research, aiming at the defects of the traditional pipe turning die, the structure of the "booster" pipe turning die was proposed, the pipe turning deformation process was simulated, the influence of various parameters on the forming process was analyzed, and some forming rules were preliminarily summarized. Compared with the traditional PE tube turning molding structure, the "booster" tube turning mould not only improves the geometric dimension accuracy of the tube turning, but also greatly improves the formability of the tube billet.

       PE pipe systems are connected by electric heat melt, and the strength of the joint is higher than that of the pipe body. Low temperature impact resistance, low temperature embrittlement temperature of polyethylene is very low, can be used in the range of -60℃~60℃. During construction in winter, due to the good impact resistance of the material, the brittle crack of the pipe will not occur. Good resistance to stress cracking, PE pipe has low notch sensitivity, high shear strength and excellent resistance to scratches, environmental stress cracking performance is also very outstanding.

       Good chemical corrosion resistance, PE pipe can withstand the corrosion of a variety of chemical media, the chemical substances in the soil will not cause any degradation of the pipeline. Polyethylene is an electrical insulator, so there will be no decay, rust or electrochemical corrosion; Nor does it promote algae, bacteria or fungi.

       Aging resistance, long service life, containing 2~2.5% of uniform distribution of carbon black polyethylene pipe can be stored in the outdoor or use for 50 years, will not be damaged by ultraviolet radiation.

The abrasion resistance of PE pipe is good. The abrasion resistance of PE pipe and steel pipe is 4 times that of steel pipe. In the mud transport field, the pipe has better wear resistance compared to the steel pipe, which means the pipe has a longer life and better economy

       Through the above introduction, you should have an understanding of the PE tube turnover molding technology, if you want to know more about the product, please pay attention to our website update, I hope to help you.