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PE pipe welding specifications, how to install below zero degrees?

Jul. 15, 2021

PE pipe is widely used in water supply and drainage construction and gas transmission and other engineering fields because of its strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance, non-toxicity and flexibility.

PE pipe welding specifications, how to install below zero degrees?cid=5

PE pipe winter construction, the temperature below 0 degrees installation requirements and methods.

1, low-temperature anti-freeze: below 0 degrees PE pipe in the installation, test pressure, water accumulation, etc. will freeze the pipe, pipe fittings. Attention should be paid to the installation, test pressure and other operations should try to make the pipeline does not accumulate water, so as not to freeze the pipe. Pay attention to pipe insulation.

2、Rain and snow: It will cause considerable difficulties to the construction, such as: ice on the surface of the pipe, mud and water when the freezing. The installation of pipes in rain and snow should be avoided as far as possible.

3, low-temperature welding: welding should have measures when the ambient temperature is lower than 5 degrees Celsius: for example, when installing the pipeline should be preheated, slow cooling, etc., to avoid brittle cracking and other phenomena caused by the pipeline.

4、Gale: winter gale will produce many problems, windy weather should be more attention is transporting pipes and loading and unloading pipes, in windy weather transporting pipes, should be careful driving, the pipe fixed and stable, in loading and unloading pipes, should always pay attention to the safety of loading and unloading to avoid unnecessary losses.

5, low-temperature weather: the safety of personnel during low-temperature construction: people will add clothes to keep warm when the temperature is low, but wear more clothes plus the cold makes the body stiff, clumsy movements, staff should always pay attention to warmth and caution, pay attention to their own safety.

6、Pipe protection: In winter, moving the pipeline should be more careful, cold weather PE pipe is more prone to brittle cracking, can not make PE pipe from a high fall or hit by heavy objects, not to force the folding, to avoid pipe fracture.

PE pipe welding specifications, how to install below zero degrees?cid=5

Winter welding precautions.

1、The welding temperature of PE pipe is 220±10℃, because of the low temperature in winter, the temperature can be set at 230℃, if the welding is finished in the environment below -5℃, it needs to be covered with quilts for cooling; if it is windy in winter, it needs to be covered with plastic cloth at both ends of the pipe to prevent the "wind through the hall" and set up a tent to avoid the wind from lowering the melting temperature of the pipe and not being able to bond together.

2、Heat absorption time according to the company's procedures, the winter temperature is low, according to the melting of the pipe to increase the appropriate heat absorption time.

3、Cooling time shall be strictly in accordance with the construction instruction book, not cooled completely can not move the pipe, so as not to pipe from the welding place fracture, welding mouth to natural cooling, to avoid the invasion of water, wind, dust, resulting in pipe of false welding.

Special attention to.

1, Buried pipe depth must be below the permafrost layer, if there is a part of the shallow buried, then moderate lifting part of the overburden.

2、Winter welding construction, must pay attention to the welding mouth to keep warm, windproof, if necessary, to set up a tent, the tent temperature to maintain at about 5 ℃.

3、Shorten the time from taking off the heating plate to the pipe port docking as much as possible to prevent the molten port from cooling rapidly in the air and the surface curing.

PE pipe welding specifications, how to install below zero degrees?cid=5

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