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Repair method of PE pipe

Dec. 01, 2021

Repair method of PE pipe

PE tube is made of ethylene monomer polymerization, the interface is stable and reliable, the material is impact resistant. In use, it is inevitable that there will be damage, so what are its repair methods? The following is the arrangement of small series:

Repair method of PE pipe

If the PE tube surface is found to be rough, it may be caused by too high or too low temperature of the main engine head. For example, the core die temperature is too low, the fuselage temperature is too low, the inner surface is easy to rough. Too high a chilled water temperature can lead to rough surfaces. In this case, the chilled water temperature should be appropriately reduced, and check whether the waterway is blocked and water pressure is insufficient; And check the heating ring, raw material properties.

If the PE pipe surface grooves, the home should check and adjust the sizing sleeve of the water curtain, balance the pressure, adjust the nozzle Angle, so that the pipe uniform freezing, and check whether there are debris and burrs in the sizing sleeve and cutting machine.

If the disadvantage of PE pipe, will obviously affect the normal use effect and service life, so you need to be repaired if the outer wall of pipes broken part within 0.1 meters in length of tube wall damage or holes, scraper should be used to clear the wall or holes that damaged, remove the part should be within 0.05 meters wash clean with cyclohexanone.

After that, in the damaged part of the PE pipe brush with good water resistance plastic adhesive, and then from the corresponding part of the same pipe to remove the damaged area of two times the arc plate, in the damaged wall coated with adhesive, tied with lead wire.

Through the description, we have a certain understanding of the repair method of PE tube. Its addition prevents degradation of the polymer during processing and oxidation of the finished product during use.