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Steel Wire Reinforced Thermoplastics (PE)

Sep. 13, 2021

Steel wire reinforced thermoplastics (PE) composite pipe (SRTP Pipe) combines advantages of both plastic and steel pipes and overcome the disadvantage of plastic pipe which is easy to break under pressure and steel pipe which is easy to get eroded, and it is more flexible. It's light and convenient for installation. The pipe line is connected with electro-fusion fittings with high axial tensile resistance. It can be connected with various pipelines, valves and equipment, with mature and reliable connection technique,complete types and specifications of pipe fittings. The strength of the interface is greater than the strength of the pipeline itself, which can adapt to the needs of use in a variety of application environments;

SRTP Pipe is characterized of strength, rigidity and impact exceeding plastic pipes as well as low coefficient of linear expansion and creep resistance similar to steel pipes. It has the same corrosion resistance as plastic pipes as well as high service temperature and corrosion resistance and low thermal coefficient

SRTP Pipe has excellent performance of hygiene. Its material is anticorrosive, it is not easy to breed bacteria, and it will not produce the yellow water phenomenon of traditional pipelines

The inner wall is glabrous and dirt-free, with the head loss 30% lower than that of steel pipes and spheroidal graphite pipes The inner wall is smooth, not easy to scale, and the coefficient of friction is low(0.009). The smooth surface and non-adhesive characteristics ensure the pipeline transportation capacity, while also reducing the pressure loss of the pipeline and the energy consumption of water transportation.

SRTP Pipe is highly reliable and has strong resistance to deformation. The good ability to resist the settlement of the foundation, the pipeline will not leak or damage under a certain bend when the pipeline is pressure resistant. In normal conditions, its service life ca be 50 years.

SRTP Pipe can be adjusted to different lengths according to needs, the number of joints is greatly reduced, and simultaneous construction can be carried out in sections, which greatly reduces the construction efficiency. The dead weight of the pipes is about 1/2 of ductile iron pipes and steel pipes, and 1/3 of cement pipes, which reduces labor intensity and the frequency of use of large scale installation equipment.

Steel Wire Reinforced Thermoplastics (PE)


SRTP Pipe has provided solution for rapid crack propagation of plasticpipes. Since the material is made through structural composite of steel and plastic, It's free of the problem of rapid crack propagation of plastic pipes.