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What is the best pipe to use for drainage?

Oct. 27, 2021

HDPE Drainage Pipe

HDPE drainage is a drainage system that provides an alternative solution to cast iron. The term "drainage" defines the removal of excess water from the land. Compared to conventional drainage systems, HDPE drainage systems are lightweight and easy to handle, store and transport.

The most important use of drainage pipes is in agriculture to remove excess irrigation or rainfall water. The application of subsurface drainage systems provides soil water and oxygen balance.

HDPE Drainage Pipe 

Installation techniques

Drainage pipes and fittings can be connected using different techniques such as electrofusion socketing, but fusion socketing, rubber ring (push-in) socketing and flange socketing are all suitable for HDPE drainage pipes and fittings.



1. Smooth wall

For one-way water transmission with a smooth inner surface, smooth wall pipes will be your best friend. Although they are more difficult to install, they are stronger and more robust than other winding pipe styles.

2. Single Wall Corrugated

These corrugated pipes are usually low cost, flexible and easy to install. The biggest drawback is that the corrugated texture of the pipe tends to clog, and they usually require a steeper drainage angle than regular pipe.

3. Double-wall corrugated

This is a compromise between smooth-walled and single-walled corrugated pipe. It is not as easy to install or as flexible as single-wall corrugated pipe, but it does have a smooth inner wall. The cost of this type of fusion costs money, as these pipes are usually more expensive. 


Applications of HDPE drainage pipe

1. Drainage system in buildings

HDPE drainage systems can be used in residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and laboratories.

2. Installation inside concrete

Due to its flexibility and high abrasion resistance, HDPE drainage pipes and fittings can be installed in lath and concrete.

3. External and underground drainage

HDPE drainage pipes and fittings can be installed underground outside buildings due to their flexibility and resistance to extrusion and abrasion.

4. Recreational and sports fields Drainage

Drainage is considered to be the best method for rapid water harvesting (rainfall and irrigation), preventing soil damage and providing better and longer land use.